Today I have some exciting news to share with all of you guys. During the last two months we worked really hard to make MoneyCoach the best apps that it can be and to lay the foundations for the next major release. We sat down and read all your requests and feedback.

We asked ourselfes how can we makehis app even better. And after more than two months of hard work and a lot of RedBulls and a lot of caffeine, we came up with a totally new design and a lot of features that you requested.

We are making a soft release this time, which means this is basically MoneyCoach 3, but we want your feedback first so we can fix or improve some things before the big release. So just send them to us and follow us on twitter @appMoneyCoach.

What’s new:

This is only a sneek-peek of what you can find inside.

  1. Complete redesign and navigation structure. Move faster throughout the app. The new tab based navigation structure allows you an even better usage of the app.
  2. New color structure, a lot of blue was removed. The app follows now the latest trends in design, such as Instagram or Medium. Still, the most important parts will be colored, such as adding a new transaction, or making a transfer.
  3. New modern app icon. Fresh, modern, white :).
  4. (Feature Request) Edit Transfers: A lot of users requested this, finally it is here. Now you can edit your transfers.
  5. (Feature Request) Recurring Transfers: Now you can add repeating transfers, just like with normal transactions.
  6. Fixed a bug that showed sometimes incorrect accounts on the widget.
  7. Fixed a bug on the Apple Watch that prevented the app from getting your custom categories.
  8. Fixed a bug that disabled the repeating date on some transactions.

If you enjoy using MoneyCoach, please leave a review on the App Store. It helps us bring new features to the App and rank better on the App Store.

Thanks for being part of this.
founder @ MoneyCoach

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