Hey! Yes, you, come here and work for us. We and Imperium Apps, the guys behind the scenes, are looking for talented developers just like you to join and help create some of the best applications the industry has ever seen.

You like MoneyCoach, right? Well, you can become part of the team that is creating and improving MoneyCoach every day. Or you can work on some of the other cool secret projects that we are cooking up.

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Developer, a Senior Android Developer, and a Senior iOS Developer to join us at our offices in the center of Berlin. If you want to apply, tap the corresponding position down below, or if you know someone who would be perfect for one of the positions, forward this link to them.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Develop web apps and scalable backends using the latest tech

Senior Android Developer

Develop world-class Android apps for phones, tablets and wearables

Senior iOS

Developed world-class iOS apps for iPhone, iPad,  Tv and  Watch