Today is a good day! Why? Well, I’ve finally found the time to make, upload and share the video tutorials that will teach all of you how to use MoneyCoach and make the most out of it. We already had great detailed tutorials, but I wanted to take them a step further.

So now if you go and check out the guides, you will find a video tutorial inside instead. And I tried to make them as easy and understandable as I could, so if you do not understand something, please let me know over Twitter or by email and I’ll get back to you. Of course, I also updated the text version so go ahead and use Google Translate to translate it into your native language. Tap the “Teach Me” button down below to take a look at the new guides.



I am creating new guides and tutorials for some new features so that’s coming really soon. And that’s about it, for now. Thanks for reading, ya filthy animals!