Just recently we received a tweet from a fellow MoneyCoach user where he mentioned that the app helped him save around €1000 in the last 3 months since he started to use MoneyCoach as it was meant to.

We reached back and asked him if he could share how he managed to do that and this was his response:

I’m Luca from Milan (Italy) and as I said in my last tweet, I almost saved €1000 in the last 3 months just by using the app properly! I’ve spent all May trying to figure out the best solution for my needs, then I purchased the full version in June (I think) and started recording my expenses.

Here’s what I’ve done to make it work for me:

  • I’ve set up the initial amounts by checking all my accounts, all my credit cards and all my pockets (God knows what I found in those!).
  • In the Account view, I’ve created multiple accounts, one for each of my 3 personal accounts, one for each credit of my 3 credit cards and one for debts, and updated them all with the actual amounts and future or recurrent expenses.
  • I started recording ALL MY FREAKING EXPENSES DOWN TO THE CENT. I mean, every espresso, every pack of gums, every snack, every €5 bill handed over to my younger brother…everything! And there’s no better deterrent than the shame you get when you log a stupid expense (€19,99 for a 3m iPhone MFi charging cable? really??)
  • But here’s the big deal, the turning point that really made the difference for me: I followed your blog post on Credit Cards – https://moneycoach-app.com/getting-started-how-to-manage-my-credit-card/
    • I started recording my credit card expenses in their own account menu, at the actual transaction’s time and date. AND, once a week, I logged in to my credit card apps or websites to double-check my expenses. I just picked a paper notebook and created a table with “Amount” (actual expenses), “App” (have I recorded the expense in MC? CHECK), and “Transfer” (have I Transferred the expense to the main account at the cc payment’s date already? CHECK) as columns, and filled it with numbers and ticks.
    • Just doing this for 20 minutes week really gave me the chance to keep the books balanced and in shape, getting to a level of control I literally never had! Also, viewing the main account Summary reduced already by future cc expenses scared me and kept me in line with my expenses.
  • Last but not least, can you deny the fun of creating hundreds of sub categories for every single different topic without screwing the reports up?

Again, guys, this is a great piece of work from all your teams involved.

He also had this to say:

To be honest there’s still one thing that bothers me and that I would like to see in the app:

Inside any of my accounts, I can scroll down and see all the expenses ordered by date. It would be very useful to see, next to the date, not only the total expenses for that date, but also the actual amount of money left AT THAT DATE. As of now I can only see the final amount after all the expenses, which is the one I see in the Home menu as well and the only workaround is picking up a calculator and manually add the expenses starting from the top down to the date I need to know my leftovers for. Hope it’s clear!

Hope to hear from you, thanks a lot!


We cannot thank Luca enough for choosing MoneyCoach and for taking the time to write this long email explaining how he managed to save €1000 in the last 3 months just by using the app properly. And to think that he did this before we even released the fantastic Budgets feature! If you want to share your tips on how you use MoneyCoach or how MoneyCoach helps you to manage your finances better, let us know at info@moneycoach-app.com.

Now about his request, I created two quick mock-ups of how it might look if we decide to add this. The first screen shows the Account Transactions and the “updated amount” is opposite right from the date, but personally, I am not a fan of this since there are already too many numbers and there’s not enough space to write what that “5630€” actually is. However, I think we can, maybe, add it to the Transaction Details as you can see in the second mockup. The “Updated Amount” is just a placeholder and we might need your help to find a better label for it if we decide to add this new feature going forward.

So what do you think about this new possible feature? Would you like us to implement it? Leave a comment down below and as always remember to leave a review in the App Store.

PS: There’s more than meets the eye in the screenshots 😉


  1. Hey guys, Luca here. I agree with you, in the first screenshot the amount shown is not very much good looking from a design perspective. Wouldn’t it be better if it was right next to the date, in the same light grey, and separated by a ” – ” ?.
    The second screenshot is obviously cleaner, but how would you manage the calculation when you have multiple expenses in the same day? And I would call the menu “Amount to date” :).

    Thanks immensely for picking up my suggestion, hope you’ll find the best way to implement it!

  2. Too many numbers in the interface, not so useful information. I personally didn’t like it. It is much better focus your energy IN THE FUTURE, making, for example, a way to track savings and investments 🙂

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