We really appreciate it when we get a paragraph long review for MoneyCoach, but we really really love when we get reviews like the one shared down below. This user, whoever he/she is (I love you btw), gets MoneyCoach like really understands why MoneyCoach is the way it is and how you are supposed to use it.

We designed the app to serve as a medium, as a tool to tell you where your money went, what are your spending habits and how much you have saved or can save. If you appreciate MoneyCoach and if it has helped you become better financially, consider leaving a review for the app.

The awesome review by Tlafferty-iReviews:

I’ve tried multiple spending tracker apps over the past 5 years and MoneyCoach is the only one that helped me stick to a routine.
I was having a hard time saving money. I felt like my cash was just disappearing but I wasn’t making huge purchases. I just felt like I was always low on money when I needed to pay bills or go on vacation.. it seemed like my normal day to day life was costing a fortune somehow.

This app helped me realize that I was spending $20 a week on RedBulls, I was spending $100+ a month on bones and toys for my dogs etc. I could not believe how much all these little purchases added up over the month.. after seeing my spending habits organized in front of me it really helped me make better decisions. I now will decide against a stupid purchase and save my money just for the simple fact that I don’t want to see my “Net Worth” number go down lol. You’ll create better habits just by logging your expenses and income consistently. It helps you to be mindful of every purchase you make. The result is REALLY eye opening. This app does tracking perfectly but it also does about 100 other things to really help you navigate your finances.

Top Features:

  1. I love that MoneyCoach notifies me at the time frames that I set so I don’t forget to add purchases
  2. The customization of the expense/income categories is better than any other app on the market. It’s so easy to build a category like “Pet” and then add subcategories like “Dog food, Dog bones, Treats, Medicine, Toys” each with their own little icon. Then your pie graph will be color-coded by category allowing you to realize that your “Fast Food” slice of the graph is way bigger than your “groceries” slice and only slightly smaller than your “bills” section.. meaning THERE’S A PROBLEM lol
  3. The cloud synchronization between my iPad & iPhone is so buttery smooth and simple.. it just works, everything is always up to date between the 2 devices.
  4. It works with Siri!!! It’s so easy to just tell Siri what to log.
  5. This app is compatible with MY APPLE WATCH! The Watch app makes it SUPER easy to quickly add a new purchase or check your account balances.
  6. WIDGETS! MoneyCoach includes 2 different Widgets that you can add to your iPhones’ widget panel for quick access to logging purchases and you can get a summary of your money with just a glance.
  7. 3D Touch! Push hard on the app icon to get 5 quick actions!
  8. Log in with TouchID & FaceID! This makes it secure yet very simple to unlock.
  9. The “Data Cards” at the top of the app and the “Account Cards” in the middle are big, bold, easy to read, FULL of info and gives you SO much insight into your finances..
  10. Budgets… easy to use and incorporated really well into the app.. after tracking your spending for about a full month and getting an accurate overview of your habits, you can create a budget for anything right there in the app.
  11. Reports – I can’t even begin to explain the depth and detail this page goes into. It will tell you anything and EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about your earnings/spending habits in beautiful, very easy to read and well laid out graphs and charts.

IF YOU ARE AN APPLE SHEEP THEN YOU WILL LOVE THIS APP. If you have delved into the Apple ecosystem then you will get the most out of this app.

The developers of this app went out of their way to take advantage of ALL of iOS’s great features.. the app not only works perfectly with literally ALL of your Apple devices, but it also syncs them through iCloud so it’s always up to date, they incorporated touch/faceID to keep the app consistent with iOS, they made 2 cool little interfaces to add to the widget page, they even hid little functions under the app icon that are accessible with the 3D Touch feature of the newest iPhones.

The effort these guys put into making an app this accessible, this flawless across all these different devices, and this full of features taking advantage of iOS is incredible. It’s very noticeable that these guys wanted to give you every tool to succeed.. there shouldn’t be a single excuse about why you forgot to use the app or excuse that it’s too inconvenient to be consistent. The attention to detail the developers have DEFINITELY makes this app an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE.

MoneyCoach made taking control of my finances fun and easy and the app has ALL the tools I need to keep my money in order and ALL the features to spark my geeky side 🙂

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