Don’t worry we are still here and will be for a long long time. It’s just that something unexpected happened during the last major update. A silly bug escaped from the extermination and decided to mutate into something even sillier causing some damage for some users.

It also blocked the widgets from working properly for some reason even though it didn’t have anything to do with that part. That’s why we decided to take down the app for a just couple of days stopping the bug from spreading. While I am still enjoying the Mediterranean beauties, the team back at HQ exterminated the bug with so much Wildfire that would make even Cersei jealous.

So there’s a new update in the pipeline, waiting for Apple to review it and make it available to all of you.

Now if you are on the 3.2 version, please make a manual Dropbox backup and/or a CSV export of your data just to be safe till the update drops. I will be live on the support forums and even though I might be a tad drunk, I will help and answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for understanding 🙂