It has been a long time coming, but we didn’t want to half-a$$ it and release the new version with nothing new in it. And the longer we spent developing the app, the more stuff we added. You have shown a lot of support towards MoneyCoach, downloading the app, sharing the app and leaving excellent reviews in the App Store so we wanted to make this update special.

So here is what we have done after your amazing support:

1- Complete Design Overhaul

The app was already sleek, modern and probably the best looking finance app in the App Store, but now we have taken it to a whole another level. We’ve completely redesigned our App Icon, now it’s modern, sleek and bloody gorgeous. Let us know what you think.

The home screen has been totally redesigned with that glorious modern shadow under the new summary cards (yeah baby!), the new buttons, new fonts, new icons etc. The same attention to detail has gone to the Reports screen, total overhaul where now you can see what you can expect from the report. The Tips & Articles screen has received the same amount of love. But the biggest overhaul has been done to the Transactions by Category Report, now it’s pure awesomeness!

2 – Complete Summary Cards Overhaul

You asked for it, we delivered and then some. While the Budgets premium feature is coming up nicely, we didn’t want to leave you guys empty handed. That’s why we added some new Summary Cards that will show the summary for Today, Last 7 Days, This Month and Your Month.

3 – You can now change the Month Start Day

It took a while to craft, but it is finally here and if you are one of the 5000+ users that voted to have this in the app, enjoy it. We made changing the date as easy as it can be, directly from the Home Screen and it will reflect on the main Summary Card so you’ll know how much you’ve spent and earned at a glance.

4 – Complete Overhaul of Transactions by Category Report

Say goodbye to the overlapping ugly percentages! We rewrote all the code and redesigned the pie chart to be simple yet quite a powerful reporting tool. You can easily check how much you’ve spent in each category, the percentage and you can now scroll through the months directly. Give it a try, you will love it.

5 – “Never” in the Repeating Transactions

Yeah, now you can select “never” when creating a new Repeating Transaction and it’s perfect for setting up rent payments, debts and employee’s salaries which is a perfect segue for the next new feature.

6 – Personal & Business Accounts

MoneyCoach is now perfect to manage both your personal and business finances. Switch between them and glance at the Summary Cards how you stack up to plan and execute your actions better.

7 – Faster Transactions

We’ve drastically improved the transaction save times, but we’ve also added a neat new small gesture that you’ll probably love. Just swipe left or right to change between Expense and Income.

8 – New Icons

We hear what you say on the forums that’s why we’ve added new icons for sports, leisure activities, personal stuff and we’ve brought back the highly requested motorbike icon.

9 – Other Improvements

  • Fixed the app crashing on launch when Touch ID protection was on.
  • Dropbox restore has been improved
  • Increased accessibility for visually impaired people using MoneyCoach
  • Various bug fixes

10 – Export as PDF or CSV

You can now export your spending data, categories and all, from the Transactions by Category report. See? We listen to you 🙂

11 – Foundations For The Future

Budgets is surely coming later this year. We have also begun tinkering with AI inside MoneyCoach and initial tests are basically glorious, but we need more time to get it where we want it. Features like editing exchange rates and new reports are coming really soon as part of 3.X updates. We are also working with our fantastic contributors to localize the app on new languages and if you want to help us, it would be fantastic.

That’s about it. We’ve made a new video showcasing these new features so give that a watch by clicking here. There’s a lot of new cool stuff in the 3.0 version of MoneyCoach, but we want to know your thoughts about it. What you like, what yo hate, your ideas etc.

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Perjan and the Team

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