As you might know by now, we have dabbled with Augmented Reality and how we can transform your MoneyCoach experience with AR for a while now. We have made some cool prototypes that would enhance your experience within MoneyCoach, but we still have a few kinks to figure out before prime time.

Well, at the same time the guys at Imperium Apps GmbH have been working hard on a new amazing AR sharing platform called Particular Augmented Reality. Follow them on Instagram, to see all the cool things they’ve been doing with AR. Anyway, we did a collab with them and they designed something unique just for MoneyCoach and the best part is that you can experience it immediately directly from Safari.

They’ve designed a cool MoneyCoach themed space helmet as an AR face filter to, as they put it, “Protect you from any financial troubles”. Just tap the image down below and you’ll get to experience this AR filter in your device directly.

Check out Particular’s website for more information here and download the Particular Augmented Reality app as it has a ton of cool AR content and experiences. That is all!