Finally, the long awaited day is here, we are more than happy to announce that Budgets are finally here among other cool things!

You can now create smart budgets to track your spending habits. Create a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly etc. budget for food, coffee, drinks, commute, books, groceries, shopping, video games, whatever you like. It’s a super powerful feature that we believe will end up saving you quite a lot of money!

Now we wanted to try something different with the budgets. You can buy Unlimited Budgets and I would love if you did since that would show us your support and how much you care, but we also introduced another way, a free way of getting more free budgets. You can tap on the lovely cat card and send out an invite to your friends over Facebook, Twitter, WhatsUp, anywhere and if they join MoneyCoach, you get a free budget to use. This is is just easy to do, it takes 10 seconds or less to do and is completely free, a win-win situation.

But if you don’t want to pay us for the hard work and you don’t want to invite your friends, you can always use the first three budgets for free as long as you want. We argued a lot in the office, many nerf darts were shot, for the number of free budgets for everyone to try and even though we are shooting ourselves in the foot with this, we just love and care about you so enjoy the budgets. Just let us know if you like them by leaving a positive review on the App Store, click here!

In this new update, we also thought about the newcomers, who install and use the app for the first time, and designed a totally cool new onboarding experience that quickly and easily sets up MoneyCoach. It totally cool, sets up your MoneyCoach experience and has a few easter eggs in, but hey if you have already installed the app, you’ll probably never see it…or will you?

What else is new? Here’s a quick rundown:
– UI Improvements
– Overall Speed Boost
– Invite friends and get rewards
– Improved the CSV import, giving the AI more “freedom”.
– Squashed a bug that messed up saving a transaction with sub categories from Apple Watch.
– Squashed another tiny bug where transactions retained sub categories from other categories.
– Fixed Thai name localization

As always, we wouldn’t be here without you. So please continue to show your support and leave a review for the app or update your current one!
Psst, did you see our new screenshots? Do you like them? Say something nice about them on Twitter @appmoneycoach!