2016 has been an amazing year for us. We’ve been developing the app for around two years now, but this year we launched the MoneyCoach UG company, based in Nuremberg, Germany. A new fresh company trying to stand among well-established giants and we are kinda doing that.

The number of our MoneyCoach users has been increasing steadily with no sign of stopping. What is even better are what they are saying about the app. They love it, especially the Italian guys, yeah we noticed, you guys are awesome and are our motivation fuel.

This year we also expanded our team hiring new talents in the iOS and Android development side, amazing designers and countless tireless translators. Together we’ve managed to make probably the best personal finance tracker and we have only just begun.

We’ve also won a major award this year. Under the guidance of our supreme leader @PerjanDuro, we took home the first place at the IBM Cognitive Banking Hackathon demoing what we can achieve using the power of IBM Watson inside MoneyCoach.

Another major achievement we reached was the introduction of MoneyCoach Premium, the why you can read all about here, and the support from our users has been outstanding. We introduced iCloud Sync, realtime Multi-currency support, future transactions and an entirely new iPad experience which when combined with our iPhone and Apple Watch apps create a fantastic and coherent ecosystem so you are always up to date with where your money went.

2016 has been amazing for us and we are super excited for 2017. New challenges await us, but we are pumped and as I said we’ve only just begun. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all 🍾 😁 🎉

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