We are pleased to announce that we won a research grant from ING Bank to discover effective (digital) tools/technology to overcome financial problems.

Led by our own Perjan Duro, and in collaboration with 2 Ivy League behavioral researchers, this research aims to solve a central problem in consumer personal finance: the lack of motivation to save and subsequent low savings rates among individuals.

But what does this mean for you?

To begin with well, nothing. But as the research goes on, you might see slight changes in the app, changes that will motivate and help you to set goals and hopefully see some results at the end. 

Also, you might get to use a free goal in MoneyCoach for free.

„Research? Are you treating me as a lab rat?“

Of course not as a lab rat, but maybe as someone that will transform in a finance superhero, with Adamantium bones and skeleton ;). We care about you and we wanna discover the best way to motivate users to create goals and achieve them. Basically, we will research and study the best design, text, color, etc. for this new feature. That’s it. 

„Are my data safe?“

This has nothing to do with your data, they will remain private and untouched. We just wanna collect information about the feature effectiveness, if you tap it or if you create a new goal.

That’s about all we wanted to share with you guys. The future looks promising and by the looks of it, it will only get better. Thanks for supporting MoneyCoach. If you aren’t a Premium subscriber, please consider becoming one and we promise that we’re going to change your life. Also, don’t forget to leave an update for the app on the App Store.