We worked hard, really really hard for MoneyCoach V and it’s nice to be recognized by Apple for our hard work. MoneyCoach is currently featured in 25 countries including the United States, UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and most of the South American countries and we couldn’t be any happier.

Even though the actual release of this new version wasn’t as smooth as we would have wanted it, due to some unpredictable bugs from working with beta software, we quickly managed to get stuff fixed and out to our users which also weren’t as understanding as we would have wanted them to be.

But we get it, we should have known better and we’ve learned our lesson. That’s why we are changing the way we release updates, especially big ones. We have one more update, the 5.0.3 version, coming out really soon addressing some crashes, adding some improvements to the UI, Dark Mode and bringing back some features that were disabled since they weren’t iOS 13 supported at that moment. We might also include a powerful new feature most of you have requested since the beginning, but more on that in a futureĀ blog post.

So what happens after 5.0.3? Well, we will take our time, more time, between releases. This will, hopefully, result in a better more polished app in the long run.

Of course, we will break this rule, that we set out for ourselves, when šŸ’© hits the fan and we need to deploy a fix or a small improvement. And to be always in the know of what is happening with and around the app, follow us on Twitter @appMoneyCoach.