Apple announced Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina, which makes it easy for developers to bring their iPad projects to macOS as native Mac apps. Our Boss Monkey was in person at WWDC19 when they announced it and well, he got a little excited. Us, the rest of the monkeys, got excited too since our users have been clamouring for a Mac version for quite some time.

But being a small completely bootstrapped startup, money is tight and we couldn’t really afford to build a native MoneyCoach Mac app. Now thanks to Apple and their Project Catalyst, we are able to to bring our existing iPad experience to the Mac, of course with many extra native Mac features on top.

MoneyCoach for Mac coming soon!

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing for some weeks now. And before we go any further, no, it didn’t “take just a click in a checkbox”. Nothing in life is that easy as there was and still is a lot of polishing let to do, writing new code all over the place, shifting a lot of things around so that the app looks, feels and most importantly operates as a Mac app. Who knew that just displaying a button on the title bar would take a sole developer more than 2 days to figure out how to do 😅?

A few Xcode and macOS betas and a lot of sweat (and some tears) later, we are surely getting to that comfortable place where we feel that the Mac experience is on par with the iOS, iPadOS and WatchOS experiences. Soon you will be able to manage your finances, save more money and learn how to spend it better in nearly all of the Apple devices as via cloud sync you will be able to sync your data across your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and Mac and that’s awesome.

When the app releases on the Mac, expect great things like resizable windows with dynamic content, touch bar support, drag & drop and keyboard shortcuts. There may even be a few new exciting features we haven’t been able to build for mobile devices that we’re excited to share in the fall!

MoneyCoach for Mac will be there on day 1 when macOS Catalina releases. It will be exciting September. Love you all!


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