We talked about this, we tweeted about this, but now let me share some interesting details about this programme and how will it affect MoneyCoach. But before we continue further, a few words about the TFI accelerator programme. Two years ago, ING, Deloitte, Dell EMC, CEPR and Dimension Data, together with a group of thought leaders and experts formed the Think Forward Initiative (TFI). The goal was to analyze the challenges consumers face when making financial decisions and help build solutions to effectively empower them.

Now the sentence that’s you just read, what does it remind you? Well, that’s more like a rhetoric question, being that you are on the MoneyCoach’s blog reading about it. Basically, our idea of why we created MoneyCoach and what we have been actually doing for the last few years perfectly coincides with that specific goal statement, build solutions to help people make better financial decisions.

As I said, we have been doing this all alone, completely bootstrapped, helping you every day to save more, make better financial decisions and become aware of what is happening to your money. And how do we know that we are doing it? Well, you have let us know through emails like Luca did and over the countless 5-stars reviews we have received on the App Store. We are proud of what we have achieved, how we have impacted your financial life, but we know we can do more, so much more.

Here’s where TFI comes in with its fantastic cast of industry experts from ING, Deloitte, Dell EMC etc. that are and will help us craft new experiences and methodologies that combine the latest technologies like AI, NLP and data analytics with behavioral psychology and economics that will help you improve your life. Basically, if you like MoneyCoach now, you will love it in the near future. We are just one week in and the ideas just keep pouring out, that you will see soon enough. We are also exploring new ways to advertise MoneyCoach, better ways to reach out to you and explain what MoneyCoach does and will do, not only for your personal life but also your business finances.

Our goal is to help anyone that wants to be helped, to become more financially literate, to know what is going on with his or her finances and to make better financial decisions today for a better future tomorrow. Think of MoneyCoach as a fitness app, but for your finances, if you don’t put up the work then you will be at the end of the leaderboard. Now, we do not want that, do we?

Get MoneyCoach now and your future self will thank you!