Today is a great day as MoneyCoach is finally available to download and use on your Mac. We spent a lot of time, way more than we thought, on this project. If you’ve been a MoneyCoach user and fan, you know that we want to offer the best for you guys, that’s why we went above and beyond with the Mac version.

The app feels like a true Mac app, cause well, we decided to remake most of the UI and UX with Mac users in mind even though it was built via Apple’s Project Catalyst. So everything that you expect from a Mac app is here. 

A super useful main menu from which you can do anything and everything in the app. Right-click with the mouse on stuff shows a contextual menu with specific quick actions for the stuff you clicked on. Gone is the tab bar at the bottom replaced by a beautiful and fast segmented control in the title bar which makes the whole Mac experience look and feel more natural as the information presents and flows in a top-down fashion.

Fullscreen and split-view are also supported and the app looks great. If you think it looked good on a 12,9’ iPad Pro, wait till you see it in a 23’ iMac. And of course Dark mode is fully supported and it looks beautiful.

The Overview has received a lot of love where we unified the cards’ designs and removed any big flashy distracting elements. Navigating between the tabs feels quite organic with the use of the back button.

We love the Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro’s so we also decided to fully support it. You can easily just tap the beautiful buttons there to quickly move between the screens or to quickly add a new income, expense or transfer. OK, but what about the keyboards who don’t have a Touch Bar?

Well, keyboard shortcuts! We made some predefined ones to quickly add a new expense or income, but you also can set up your own ones. How cool is that?

But the biggest change is the introduction of the sidebar on some of the screens. Take the Reports tab, for example, now you can select the report on the left side and it will open on the right side of the screen. The same thing happens on the Transactions tab where you can see the transaction details open beautifully on the right side and also on the Budgets screen. It truly looks and feels amazing, like a Mac app should feel like.

And of course, all of the rest of the stuff just works. So you can use MoneyCoach on your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, HomePod and Mac seamlessly via Data Sync. 

Now since we already did all this work for the Mac app, why not bring all of it to the iPad version too? That’s exactly what we did and the end result is absolutely fantastic! So basically thanks to the work we put in the Mac version, all of you got a drastically redesigned and much-improved iOS and especially iPadOS apps for free. 

What about the Mac version? One price, all Apple platforms! Prices for the subscription plans will increase after this amazing introductory offer, but if you buy now, nothing will change for you!

We are also super stoked to be featured on the front page of the Mac App Store in the #GreatOnCatalina category among many other great apps. Thanks Apple for acknowledging the crazy amount of work we put into this for the last 4 months and for motivating us and pushing to work even harder!

A big thanks also go to 9to5Mac and iPhone Italia for mentioning us on their articles.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Mac App Store and download MoneyCoach for Mac now! As usual, if you experience a bug or something is wrong, let us know via email or a support ticket! Positive reviews are appreciated!