Yep, MoneyCoach was and still is featured prominently on the DACH region App Stores (Germany, Austria & Switzerland). It’s a really nice feeling when all of your hard work is appreciated and promoted on the front pages of the App Store, reaching well, millions of users.

Finances are boring. No one that has ever seen an expansive Excel spreadsheet with tons of numbers, dates, currencies etc. has said and *insert Doge meme “Wow! So beautiful! Much interesting!”.¬†

That’s why we launched MoneyCoach what, like 4 years ago, hoping to make finances easy, fun and interesting for everyone. 4 years is a long time but would you believe¬†me if I told you that we have users still using the app today that have been with us since day one?

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App development is rough and it takes just a simple plain old typo or a missing “.” and it all goes bananas and well, MoneyCoach has gone bananas a few times during these past 4 years. Bad things happen all the time, but the greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Just like finances, there are ups and downs and the more you know and understand where your money goes, the better you will become at getting those numbers up again if tragedy strikes.

We know this because our users have told us so. We have helped them pay off their debts faster, we have helped them save money, we have helped them become financially empowered and we are not planning on stopping anytime soon. MoneyCoach has been featured on the App Store before, worldwide quite a few times actually, and as fantastic as that is, it also comes with a lot of responsibility towards our users and Apple to always bring our A-game to the playing field.

A special heartwarming thanks to everyone, from Apple to the guys and gals who have been with us since day one and to the new users who just downloaded the app… wow, it gets emotional writing about this kind of stuff…