It has been a great week indeed!

We dropped MoneyCoach 4.0 a few days ago fully packed with a lot of cool new powerful features like the Siri Shortcuts, Savings Accounts, Advanced Filtering etc. iOS 12 also released the last few days boosting the performance of both old and new iPhones and iPads.

And the cherry on top, MoneyCoach is currently featured in the Apps tab on all the Europen App Store. It’s an achievement to be there and get featured and I want to congratulate our team for doing exceptional work on all fronts. But this doesn’t mean holidays for us.

Like the last time we got featured, we have to step up the game even further. Recently we made some big changes to the app, new features, new premium model and we can’t stop now. 4.0 marks a new season and as you can see on our roadmap, we have a lot of stuff to do and bring to the app. 

If you like MoneyCoach, please leave a review for the app as it helps a lot. MoneyCoach can be downloaded for free and the basic version is more than enough for light finance management, but if you want to learn and save more money each month MoneyCoach Premium is for you.

Subscribe either monthly or yearly and unlock the full MoneyCoach Experience now!

PS: Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been looking into the whole Mac app design…