Oh, this is a big one for all of you Android users and here’s why:

Cloud Sync

You can now sign in to MoneyCoach via Google and access your data from all your devices. But this also means that your wife can sign in your account and use MoneyCoach. Basically, now you can manage your family finances along with your partner. Set up multiple accounts inside MoneyCoach for an even clearer overview at the end of the month. This is truly a powerful ability and it is an Android exclusive at the moment.

Biometric Unlock

Yes, now you can use your finger, eye or face (based on your device) to unlock the app. The last two ones sound really strange, but they work. Try them and let us know what you think.

Export CSV

You could already import a CSV file. Well, now you can also export your data as a CSV file.

Bug Fixes

We fixed a couple of reported bugs.


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Head Monkey