We worked hard on this update, so please show some love by leaving a positive review for the app. Anyway, here’s what is new:

CSV Import

You can now import CSV files in the app. This is perfect when you switch to MoneyCoach Blitz from a different app or if you come from iOS or when you want to import your bank statements. You can find this in the Settings > Data tab.

Improved Transactions List

We updated the Transactions list by adding a scrollable tab to quickly check all transactions added on a specific month. We also updated the Search and now you can search and get results for pretty much anything in the app, try it. And the last improvement, you can now see the Monthly Summary.

Reset Data

If you are not happy with the default categories or want to start from scratch, you can now Reset All Data. Or if you want to keep the default categories, you can Reset Only Your Data. You can find this in Settings > Data tab.

Improved Navigation and Settings

You can now swipe left or right to move between the tabs. We also updated the Settings tab by adding some colorful icons.

Bug Fixes

Stuff that wasn’t working at 100%, now it does. Hopefully, the drunken Android monkey didn’t break anything else…

Now, what you should do:

  • Share the app with your friends and family
  • Leave a positive review for the app as it helps us a lot
  • If you experience a problem, get in touch with the support team

That’s about it.

Love you all,
Head Monkey