In the downtime between implementing the fantastic Budgets feature in MoneyCoach and thinking about how much a 3 story fall would hurt, we developed Riku, a simple spartan currency converter.

Yes, there are a ton of currency converters out in the App Store and while some of them are quite nice, most of them either are premium apps or have a ton of annoying ads and useless clutter which, surprise, you can remove with an in-app-purchase. We didn’t want to do any of that, we wanted to create a simple, free, cool and minimalist currency converter that you just download and use immediately.

And what we ended up with is Riku, the simplest currency converter in the App Store. There are more than 190 currencies available and the rates are updated in real time. As an extra special thing, we also threw in Bitcoin so yeah, you can convert from and to Bitcoin, you are welcome.

There’s also a button to switch the base and quote currencies places, but we wanted to make it even simpler. The app starts converting and converts while you type meaning that you do not have to press the Done button. Crazy, right? We’ve also included a sexy wave that goes up and down just to soothe your eyes.

You see? It’s very difficult to talk about an app that only has 3 screens. So I’ll just stop talking (writing, duh!), just go ahead and download Riku by tapping the big blue button down below. Riku is totally free and it is a great addition to the MoneyCoach ecosystem.