Yes, you read it right, we are improving/expanding the Online Banking feature inside of MoneyCoach for our German users. You know us by now and you know our dedication towards you to improve the app, add new features and revamp old ones.

In 4.5 we introduced Online Banking and until now, you guys seem to love it. But this doesn’t mean that we are done with it, that we can’t improve it even further so it becomes even more useful and well, customizable. The tech we use to connect supports a lot of banks, but not all banks are created equal and as such what the tech gets back from the bank when it comes to transactions varies.

Here are some of the improvements we are working on for the Online Banking feature:

  • Account Reconciliation – Change the balance of Online Account
  • Mark as Transfer – Perfect for cash withdrawals or bank transfers
  • Improved Category Mapping
  • Mark as Repeating Income/Expense – Improves budgeting and the reports
  • Support for more banks

We don’t have a set release date for these improvements as they need some more time in the oven until they are fully baked. I also have to mention that some of them might come sooner than the rest.

Developing new features and maintaining the app requires a lot of resources and we appreciate everyone who has subscribed to MoneyCoach Premium, you keep us going! If you are not a premium subscriber, just try it as the first week is completely Free.

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