In the 4.1.1 update, we introduced two new cards in the “For You” section, the “Share your story and win 🎁” and the “Survey” specifically. By their titles, you can guess what you can expect to do in order to participate in our MoneyCoach Premium Subscriptions giveaway.

We want to ask you some specific questions that will help us define better the development roadmap of MoneyCoach. We also want to read your story, if and how MoneyCoach has helped you become better with managing your finances. To make this easier for you, we’ve created some online surveys with premade questions with spaces for you to share your story. And if you can’t speak English or have difficulty expressing yourself in English, go ahead and write in your own native language, we will make it work.

As for the giveaway, we will choose the winners after 30 days. If you share your story, you enter into this giveaway and completing the Survey will earn you better chances to win a MoneyCoach Premium Subscription. You might ask, how many and what type of Premium subscriptions you can win? Well, that will depend by the response we get by you guys. Five monthly premium subscriptions and a yearly one are already in the prize pool, but again, this prize pool might increase depending on your support.

So what are you waiting for? Tap those cards, Share Your Story and complete the Survey and you might win MoneyCoach Premium Subscriptions. Oh also, once completed the cards will disappear from the Overview.