Thanks to the advent of technology, virtual offices have become the latest thing for a lot of companies worldwide. This is because virtual offices require far fewer funds and hassle to manage while allowing employees to work from the comfort of their homes. New project management and communication software are being developed on a daily basis to accommodate all the needs of the remote employees. Likewise, various online sites and platforms taking the advantage of doing business online and are now offering a plethora of freelancing and other similar money-making opportunities for the remote workforce. As a result, making money online has never been simpler. Nowadays, online jobs have become quite a common way of earning a solid living for you and your family. Hence, here are a few ideas on how to do just that.  

Try vlogging

Vlogging, or video blogging for short, has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. No surprises here, seeing as how video is taking over the internet. To such an extent that, according to some estimates, it’ll reach 82% of all traffic by 2020, making vlogging a no-brainer if you’re into that sort of thing. YouTube is an excellent platform for posting your content online and with so many billions of viewers out there, there’s a huge potential for earning a lot of money this way. For example, the YouTube superstar PewDiePie makes millions each year. Of course, only 1% of vloggers make that kind of revenue on YouTube, but nevertheless, when you count the endorsements, the profits begin to add up. Additionally, you don’t need fancy equipment to upload your videos, just have fun while you film things with your smartphone and do some minor editing afterward. In addition, Twitch is yet another platform worth mentioning, primarily used for streaming, where you can share your live videos with others. Also, opening a Patreon account where you can gain a more sustainable income from your supporters is something that will keep your finances in check.

Foreign exchange trading

Trading has been a vital part of the human civilization for millennia. With the advent of the internet, even more so, as online platforms now allow you to monitor relevant prices without ever having to step outside your house. This has made the free market a lot more fluid as it can be seen by the amazing liquidity of the foreign exchange. However, this type of trading does require a bit of practice and knowledge beforehand since it has a somewhat steep learning curve. Therefore, find a proper forex trading platform that offers a demo trial first, so you can get the hang of it before using real money. This way, even if you make mistakes, it won’t be as costly, and you’ll see whether you’re actually cut out for the job or not. Moreover, be sure to get your leverage sorted out as well, otherwise, you’ll have to invest a lot more money yourself to increase your profit margins.  

Sell stuff online

By now, everyone’s heard of eBay and all the whacky stuff you can find on that website. Yet, eBay is just one of so many similar platforms, such as Amazon, Craigslist, and Facebook, to name just a few. You can use them to sell some of your stuff online. Old CDs, electronic equipment, and clothes you don’t really need anymore are all prime candidates for starting an online sale. However, depending on your level of commitment, you can even turn this part-time trade into a business.

Instead of just decluttering stuff around your house, find a market niche and make use of it to buy and sell goods in order to generate profit. It’s simple, it’s easy, and you can do it remotely from home without having to invest pretty much anything before diving into this type of making money online. Also, be sure to do some market research before you start and familiarize yourself with how the trading works on each of these sites so that you can get best results.

Website QA

Finally, there is the option of getting some extra cash by testing websites online. Although it’s not much, sites, such as UserTesting and UserFeel, offer around $10 for about 20 minutes of your time. All you need to do is register and fill out a form, which is then used to match you with a website that is compatible with your demographics. Generally, site owners are interested in feedback regarding their site’s navigation, so you’ll have to download a screen recorder for them to monitor your movements on their website. You’ll also need a microphone to provide the said feedback in audio format and there’s nothing more to it really. The only real requirements here are that you’re fluent in English and that you have a keen eye for detail. You probably have all the rest, things like a stable internet connection, a browser, and a mic.

To sum up, working from home has become a way of life for many people out there. With a wide variety of options, such as vlogging, forex trading, online selling, and website QA, there are ample opportunities for each individual.