In MoneyCoach V, we dropped the official support for Dropbox due to privacy reasons but introduced a completely new way of doing it. Now, you have complete control where you want to save the backup and from which file you want to restore from.

However, if you have made a Dropbox backup in the past and you want to import that in MoneyCoach V, here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your Dropbox and find Apps / MoneyCoach folder
  • Inside you will see all your backups with a filename like something “Backup…..”
  • Sort the files for last modified
  • Select the last 3 files that have the same filename with slightly different file formats
  • Download these 3 files
  • Compress or ZIP these files into an archive
  • Upload this archive to your iCloud Drive or Google Drive
  • Open MoneyCoach
  • Go to Settings / Data and tap Backup
  • Select the archive
  • Wait
  • Quit and reopen MoneyCoach
  • Enjoy!

We highly advise that you make a manual backup every month or so.

Note: Sometimes your accounts might not be selected. To fix this go to Settings / Overview / Summary Cards / Show & Hide Accounts and select all your accounts via the down left buttons. Save and you are done!


  1. Hi! After upload zip file on my iCloud Drive when I go to MoneyCoach settings > backup I can’t see my archive in folders. Should I rename my file in any particular way?

    • Backup is to backup your data meaning that the existing data on the app will be backed up. If you want to restore this zip file you just uploaded, you need to select the Restore option.

      • Yeah, I just want to save my data like I doing previously in Dropbox, but when I select iCloud Drive and tap on save link in top right appear an alert that say: “Impossible to complete the operation. Not valid arguments” (in italian because so…).
        Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong. Regards.

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