Since MoneyCoach 7, you can customize and se the Daily Limit to whatever amount you like. Check out this guide on how to do just that.

Whatever amount you set, that will be the same amount every day unless you change it. Only the transactions that you add during the current day will affect it.

Since we are here:

  • The Daily Limit and Remaining For Period cards are not affected by any “Daily Budget” or “Monthly Budget” budgets you might create on the Budgets tab.
  • MoneyCoach is built on the zero-based budgeting method where it starts from a “zero base” at the beginning of every period. There’s no rollover or carryover in MoneyCoach.
  • The accounts you chose to show or hide from the Summary Cards in Settings / Overview / Summary Cards / Show hide accounts, affect all of the cards and the reports they open when tapped, except the Net Worth card which has its own filter for showing or hiding the accounts from it.
  • Transfers between Normal and Savings accounts (Goals included) will be calculated as incomes and expenses by design as we want you to actually think that this money is already spent as it is meant for something else. If you don’t want this to happen, don’t transfer between different types of accounts, transfers between 2 normal accounts will not be calculated as income or expense transaction.
  • If you want this to happen, but want to hide these transfers in the reports, you can just turn off the “Include Transfers” switch when you filter a specific report. Keep in mind that the filter works only for the reports and will not affect the summary cards in the Overview.