First, thanks for tapping the card, it means that you are interested in learning more and well, that the technology behind it worked cause you never know nowadays. OK then, why did we add this new card/feature in the app?

Well, we needed a sure way to tell you about what is happening inside the app, any issues within the app, fixes we are working on, guides and tutorials on how to use the app, articles, promotions etc. basically, we want to talk to you 😉. Not everyone follows us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and not everyone has the push notifications turned On. With Monkey Talk, we hope to change that so that you will always know the important stuff.

Here are some things you need to know about Monkey Talk:

  • You cannot disable or hide these cards from showing up in the first place, Premium or not because we wanna notify you in realtime about the most important news.
  • Having said that, we may choose to not display the card to the Premium subscribers if we think the information is not relevant to them.
  • No useless spam, promise. Shameless plugs well, maybe 😜
  • Tap the card, read the information for around 30 seconds and when you go back to the app, it will have disappeared. Then you can sleep in peace 😉

And these are some of the icons you might see in the Monkey Talk card:

Related Emoji I Information or Guide I When 💩🤜☢️

We might also share interesting helpful articles, financial tips etc. which might have cool illustrations instead of emojis or icons. There’s also a default look for when I am too lazy to create a cool image, so don’t be surprised if you see a 📢.

That’s about it. If you go back to MoneyCoach now, the card should have disappeared. If it hasn’t well, let’s just say that a monkey will get to eat his bananas through a straw… jk

Love you all,
Head Monkey