App reviews matter, like a lot.

First, your reviews matter to us. They make us very happy as we see that MoneyCoach in which we put all of our hard work and sweat hasn’t and still isn’t for nothing, but it is very helpful to our users. We also receive constructive feedback and I do reply to every one of them in the App Store. Your feedback matters to us as we take into consideration everything you have said when we improve existing features or when we are developing new amazing features for MoneyCoach.

Second and maybe most importantly, your reviews matter to Apple. You see, we are a bootstrapped startup, meaning that there’s no investor(s) behind us. What you see in MoneyCoach today has been and still is being developed with limited resources. Of course, we do earn something back from the premium features we offer, but when you compare them to the cost of the development and maintenance of the app we are nowhere close to where we should be. But we still continue to push new updates and new features as a testament of our devotion to you and to our goal, making MoneyCoach THE go-to personal/business finance app.

However, now we are reaching the point where we need your help more than ever before. We know that not everyone can afford or just want to get the premium features, we understand that and that’s why the app is Free. But you can help us in another way, one that doesn’t cost you anything other than just a couple of seconds of your time. I am talking about leaving a review for the app on the App Store. Apple loves app reviews as one of the pillars of their ranking algorithm is based upon reviews.

So just with a simple positive review, you can help us, maybe even more than directly buying the premium features. By ranking well, we get more exposure, more downloads which in the end adds to more paying users. This way you help us keep the app Free and drastically shorten the time we need to add new features to the app. But this, the whole leaving a review process, must be continuous. When we release an app update, you also have to update your review you have left and it doesn’t matter if you left it just minutes before you updated the app.

That’s why we have added the “Cat Card” in the app to make the process easy for you. So just tap those stars and Rate MoneyCoach in the App Store. Show some love to that cat. Or just tap the “I want to Help” button down below!

Help Us Help You!