We have noticed a couple of users appear to have a problem with their data after the last update. We are currently investigating and assessing this case. Meanwhile here are a few things and tips you need to know:

  • After you open the app, wait for the sync to fully complete as the file size might be too big as it varies on how many transactions you have in the app and how many photo receipts you have stored in the app. FYI we’ve updated the image optimization engine this last app update.
  • If you are activating the feature for the first time, please follow this guide.
  • If the sync goes on for a long time, force close and reopen the app, wait for the sync to complete and it should all be fine.
  • You cannot properly use iCloud Sync on all your devices without updating the app to the latest version on all of your devices. If you don’t update the app on all of the connected devices, you run the risk of deleting all of your iCloud stored data.
  • If your data has been deleted on one device and you cannot restore it back from the iCloud, turn off the iCloud on the said device then tap the Reset All button in the Settings tab. After the reset has been done, activate iCloud and choose to “Restore from iCloud”. You should have the same data on your devices and the sync will work across all your devices.
  • If data deletion happens, do not delete and reinstall the app since you run the risk of permanently deleting all of your data.
  • If you have not been affected, please consider backing up your data over Dropbox and maybe even as a CSV file export for our Chinese users just to be on the safe side of things.

If you have been affected by this, please get in touch with us over at info@moneycoach-app.com emailing your Apple ID email address so we can invite you to the beta version of MoneyCoach.

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