Many of our users have requested a “Payee” system and since we care and love our users we added that for free in the 2.9.99 update. Below you can find a visual guide and see that Mr. Snow owes me quite a lot of money.

So basically you can use this feature to keep tabs on people who owe you or you owe to them as a Debts & Repayments tool. We are working on some cool new reports for this feature, but it’s going to take a while for that. In the meanwhile enjoy this new feature and don’t forget to leave a rating for the app as it helps a lot.

Text version to use for translation:

1- When adding a new transaction, tap on “Advanced”

2- Now you will see a new field Person/Company, tap on it.

3- You can either add a new Person/Company or select one you added previously.

4- Now in the Transactions tab you can search the name of your person/company and you will see all of the transactions made to that person/company. As you can see John owes me some money.

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