1 – In 4.0 we introduced Siri Shortcuts for MoneyCoach. This feature is available to devices running iOS 12 and up

2 – To get started, tap the plus button and then choose “Siri Shortcuts”. It’s so easy everyone can do it!

3 – Here you can see your most recent/used transactions. You can either select one of them or select a transaction from your transactions list

4 – You can search or scroll until you find the right transaction. But in this example, we will use one of the suggested transactions

5 – In this example, we will add a Siri Shortcut to the “Pizza” transaction. I love pizza and I have a “bad” habit of buying a slice every day so a shortcut makes perfect sense

6 – Here, you can record your phrase for the Siri Shortcut. “Bought pizza”, “Got pizza” are some suggestions but in this example, we will use the phrase “Euro pizza”

7 – Once you are happy with the phrase, tap “Done”. The Siri Shortcut will be added to the Active Shortcuts list in the Active tab

8 – In addition, MoneyCoach has some predefined shortcuts. We have already set up Siri to tell us the “Net Worth” and “Days until next salary” in this example

9 – You can record your phrases and Siri will tell you what’s up with your finances. We will set up the “Daily Budget” next

10 – Now you can say “Hey Siri, (your phrases)” and Siri will respond accordingly. This part is magical!

11 – Yup, you just added a transaction with your voice!. How cool is that?

12 – Now ask her about your “Daily budget”. Go on, I’ll wait here…

13 –┬áThe “Pizza” transaction was added to your MoneyCoach. A big up for Boss Monkey for setting this whole thing up!

14 – Now, I’ll show the second method to add a Siri Shortcut. Search or scroll until you find the right transaction in the Transactions list

15 – We will use the “Transport” transaction as an example. I pay this ticket every day, so a shortcut makes total sense

16 – Just tap that “Add to Siri” button to well, create a Siri Shortcut. Record a phrase that makes sense to you and you are set!

17 – Next time you say that phrase to Siri, she will create that transaction. Magic…

18 – In the Active tab, you can re-record a phrase or completely delete a shortcut. Or you can do it from the device’s Siri Settings, either way, works