1 – In 4.1 we introduced MoneyCoach Shortcuts. Do not confuse them with Siri Shortcuts!

2 – It basically does what the name implies, shortcuts for your transactions. Creating a shortcut is extremely easy too!

3 – Tap “Create Shortcut” and find the transaction you want a shortcut for. This is perfect to use for the everyday routine transactions…

4 – Tap “Add Shortcut” button and you are done. You can also delete a shortcut by tapping the “Delete from shortcuts” button

5 – Tap the Shortcut to instantly add the transaction, boom, done! The easiest and fastest way to add a transaction

6 – You can add as many Shortcuts as you want. Maybe there’s a limit for this, but we don’t know 😉  If you manage to break it, let us know.

7 – Long press on a Shortcut in the Overview to delete it. You have complete control!

8 – You can also choose which option you can see in the Overview. Go to Settings > Overview and play with the switches

9 – You can show/hide Quick Entry and Shortcuts. Whatever fits your style

10 – I personally like to have both options active on my Overview. Can you guess what the next major feature of MoneyCoach is going to be?