When you have a business which is running smoothly, security is something which can easily be overlooked. It is no surprise, though, that it is not something many of us think about until we are the victims of a crime. Only then do we look back with bitter retrospect at how we should have invested in security systems which could have prevented the crime from occurring in the first place.

Unfortunately, some businesses intentionally overlook security funding and this can cause incidents which cost companies a lot more money than what they would have spent on the initial security measures.

Because of this, security is an investment which has a high return; if you apply security strategically, you can prevent huge losses to your business. Although no security system is 100% secure and flawless, the right security measures can be a good deterrent and save you money in the long-term.

Fixing everything back up after a break-in or robbery is so much more expensive than investing in initial security measures – don’t run the risk!

Security systems come in all shapes and sizes, from high barbed-wire fences to remote CCTV monitoring systems, they all perform different functions and save you money in different ways.

The Size of Your Business Does Not Matter

Criminals do not care if you are a huge company or a small business; if there is something valuable to be taken, you can bet they will try and get it. If your business can offer even a small amount of quality goods, merchandise or has cash lying around, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a target painted on your back.

It is not the size of the business which matters; it is the quality of the stock. Unfortunately, it is all too often that small to medium-sized business owners have this mindset – “we are a small business, nobody is going to want to bother us “ – well, that is incorrect! In fact, small businesses are often viewed as easy pickings because they are much easier to target than larger companies.

Investing in Security

Although intruders typically enter a business premises through doors and windows, it is entirely possible to break and enter through flat roofs, skylights, access hatches, weak walls or adjoining cellars. All of these potential access points are unique and need to be assessed in the context of your business premises.

External doors and windows are the main entryways for criminals, and there is a range of products and security measures you can invest in to minimize the risk of this, such as:

  • Roller shutter doors
  • Steel-hinged doors
  • Security grilles
  • Anti-ram barriers and bollards

Just to name a few. Security is not all about high fences, barbed wire, and tough barriers, though. Modern video monitoring and CCTV technology works wonders. Thanks to the internet and our digitally connected world, you can now invest in remote CCTV monitoring systems which allow you to keep an eye on your premises whilst you are not there – here is just an example.

Although you will not want them to watch your business 24/7, these systems can notify you if something amiss is going on and you can jump straight on your computer or other smart device and instantly see what is going on, allowing you to take immediate and appropriate action to deter theft and minimize your losses.

Investing in the security of your business will, in the long-term, help save you money; as a business owner you are virtually guaranteed to have someone try and break into it at some time or another: having properly invested in security measures will minimize or eliminate the costs of fixing the mess after this happens.