A month ago we launched a giveaway of sorts where we promised to give away a few monthly and yearly premium subscription codes for MoneyCoach and today that’s exactly what we are going to do.

We introduced two new cards in the app, the Survey card and the Share Your Story card where we asked our community to share some details about them and if and how MoneyCoach has impacted their lives in any way shape or form. The response we got was well, mixed. Of course, there were a lot of users who filled the forms in a really good way with actual helpful information and that tells us that our community does care about the app, that the app has somehow impacted their life and that they are at least a bit more financially empowered that they were before.

That’s why we decided to create the cards and the forms so that your voice could be heard and from that, we could craft and offer a better MoneyCoach experience. But, as its usual with surveys, we also got people who took it as a joke or tried to troll or maybe they were just confused on what to do… I wanted to share with all of you this particular snippet which well, take a look for yourself.

Why even spend your time filling the form at all if you are just going to write that? I don’t know, but I found it funny, so funny that I might actually make this available as a t-shirt design. Would you guys like that?

Anyway back to the gist of this post, we are here to announce the winners so here we go:

Yearly Premium Subscriptions:

  • Afdhal from Malaysia: “From December 2017 until now, I have saved more than RM60,000. I needed this to move into my new house by December this year. It’s looking good.” 60.000 RM are 12.534,00 Euro – crazy amount saved with MoneyCoach’s help 😆
  • Maria from Italia: “Si!! Sono riuscita a risparmiare per la prima volta abbastanza, oltre a gestire correttamente i soldi delle tasse da versare una volta all’anno.”

You can find their full story on our Twitter profile @appMoneyCoach

Monthly Premium Subscription:

  • m***.*****92@gmail.com
  • t**_******_***g@163.com
  • c*********.****a@icloud.com
  • i********r@icloud.com
  • m***.*****y@gmail.com

We will do more of these in the near future. Currently, there’s also an Instagram giveaway we are having so follow us on Instagram and when we hit 2000 followers we will send premium codes to the most active followers over there!