Update 18.12.2016: It works now 🎉🎉🎉

We updated the app yesterday so you can enjoy one of our most requested features, iCloud Sync. Follow these steps to integrate iCloud Sync on all your devices.


Hello, it’s Perjan here.
Some users contacted us immediately after activating the iCloud Sync, saying that it doesn’t work.
In order to stop this bug from widespreading, we removed the app temporarly from the store and working to bring an immediate fix.

Lockdown Mode
We are taking the following emergency measures:
  • App taken down from the App Store
  • Team working 24/7
  • Direct Whatsapp contact to CEO(me) at +4916093171926
  • Ordered Pizza
  • 24 Redbulls


All my data are gone. What should I do?

Your data are saved locally, so you can use them back again.

Step 1, turn off iCloud Sync.
Step 2, restart the app.
Your data should be back again. If not, please contact us.

Solution coming very soon.
Hopefully in a couple of hours…

We managed to replicate the bug and fix it.
We are pushing a new update for approval. And we will be talking to Apple to request an immediate review.

In the meantime, please don’t activate the iCloud Sync.

I am deeply sorry that you guys bought the premium feature and can’t enjoy them 100%.
We will make it up to you very soon.

Thanks for bearing with us,

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