Yesterday, 3 users reported that, out of the blue, they couldn’t open MoneyCoach, as it crashed in the splash screen just like that. And the strangest thing is that we did not receive any crash logs whatsoever! But after extensive talks with the affected users, we found the culprit and the fix is coming really soon.

The issue has to do with the outdated “Month Start Date” third-party framework. If you had selected that your month started 27th or later, there’s a great chance that your MoneyCoach will crash when you open it. You cannot do anything to fix it yourself! Well, if you have a Dropbox backup, you can reinstall the app and restore the backup and you’ll be good, if you cannot wait a day or two until the update is live.

Or until the update is live, you can use the Advanced widget or the Apple Watch to add your expenses!

A fix is coming really soon, as the new update is being uploaded to Apple servers as I am writing this article. Along with this fix, this new update will contain some amazing new features that it will be worth it.

That would be all for now!

Head Monkey

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